Our Story........

Charlene's Style Boutique was created on January 31, 2008. 


The name Charlene comes from my grandmother who was named Charlene Brown. Sadly my grandmother earned her angel wings in the year of 1996. Charlene Brown was a lovely woman that loved just about anybody, didn't matter your race or social economics, most of all my grandmother loved the "Lord" and wasn't ashamed to tell you so.


Charlene Brown was a fashionista before the word fashionista became a trend. On Sundays, she would wear her "Sunday Best" such as her fashion hats right down to her modest dresses. I can't forget her fabulous accessories to match.


My mission for Charlene's Style Boutique is to offer affordable, quality clothing and cute stylish clothing for women, along with fashionable accessories and footwear. 


We consider ourselves one of the best boutiques in Texas as well as one of the best boutiques in the Dallas area.