Our Story........

Charlene's Style was created on January 31, 2008  in my one bedroom apartment in Garland, Texas. The name "Charlene" comes from my grandmother who was name "Charlene". Sadly my grandmother earned her "Angel Wings" in the year of 1996. "Charlene" was a very lovey woman that loved just about anybody, didn't matter of your race or social economics, most of all my grandmother loved the "Lord" and wasn't ashamed to tell you so. "Charlene'" was a "fashionista" before the word even became a trend, she would love Sundays so she could wear her "Sunday Best" such as her trendy fashion hats to her stunning dresses, and I can't forget her fabulous accessories to match.

At first this was just a little hobby for me, selling to family and friends and a couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to quit my job and seek out my passion for fashion.

"Charlene's Style" is a small business that is ran by myself (Keisha) . I do everything from buying the trendy clothing for the online store, to searching for the models to style the clothes, to packing all orders, answering all phone calls, replying to all social medial questions to all e-mail questions. I take all pictures, and edit all pictures, I go search for the locations to take the pictures and I even do some modeling of the clothing for the boutique myself.

My mission for  "Charlene's Style Boutique" is to offer cute stylish clothing for juniors, women and a little collection of trendy plus size clothing for teens and women that are in style, have great quality and very affordable online. I would love for my boutique to grow, where I'm able to employ others, and share my success with others, if this is what the "Good Lord" has in mind for me.

It's not easy starting a business nor maintaining a business, sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader, some people will like your products and some won't like your products, there will be times people will unlike you or unfollow you on social medial and even block you, but keep pushing, it's all worth it.So I would really like to thank you for shopping with my boutique, browsing my boutique and don't forget to share with your mom, sister, girlfriends, and whomever.

If there are any styles that you would like to recommend for me to carry in the boutique, please feel free to let me know.

Remember " Dreams Are Only Dreams If You Don't Work At Them"