Enjoy It Now, Pay Later

Hey Girlfriend! Charlene's Style Boutique is happy to announce that we now offer Sezzle as an added form of payment to our customers. So get excite girlfriend, because this means you get to style your new item (s) before you finish paying for your item (s).


What Is Sezzle & How It Works

Sezzle is a payment solution that allows you fashionistas the option to“Shop Now and Pay Later” with simple interest-free installment plans. Sezzle breaks down purchases into four smaller payments spread over six weeks. 25% is due at the time of the transaction, with the remaining 75% due across three easy payments scheduled every two weeks. Sezzle automates the repayments from your bank account on file. You always have the option of paying off your purchase early by signing into your account.


Interest-Free"! So What’s The Catch

There's no catch. Sezzle is completely interest-free for shoppers. Sezzle doesn't charge interest at all. You pay no extra fees as long as you pay on time.
The only fees you could potentially incur are failed payment fees and late payment fees. If your scheduled payment fails to process, you will be charged a fee.Sezzle will send you email and text reminders to help prevent this from happening.


Will Sezzle Ship My Order

Sezzle will not ship your order. Once you complete your purchase with Sezzle, Charlene's Style Boutique will fulfill your order within 3-7 business days.


What's The Refund/Return Policy

If you wish to return an item, we will issue a store credit, back to your account that was created on Charlene's Style Boutique website. Upon receiving the returned item fowling inspecting the returned item, store credit will be issued back to the customer's account. Hyperlink to our return policy.


You will need to finish out your payment plan directly through Sezzle since that was your payment method and payment agreement. 

Who Can Use Sezzle

To use Sezzle, you must


  • Be 18 years or older 
  • Have a valid U.S. mobile number and email address
  • Have an active U.S. bank account